A Holistic Approach to Psychiatry and Integrative Medicine

The Natalie Sadler MD practice is based in Black Mountain. We have a holistic approach to psychiatry by integrating conventional medications and psychotherapies with complementary and alternative choices such as mindfulness, energy psychology, nutrition, nutritive dense foods, supplements, nutritional and metabolic testing, and treatment as researched by William Walsh, Ph.D. and seen in his book Nutrient PowerWe understand sensory integration—Craniosacral therapy, homeopathic and nutritional detoxing, gut-brain health, electrohypersensitivity, and environmental testing. 

We have experience in helping people who have difficulty with or who are sensitive to conventional medications. This practice works with adults, adolescents, and children to create an individualized treatment plan that allows you to regain balance and health in body, mind, and spirit. Our practice is now located in Black Mountain, NC, and look forward to serving Western NC people. Serving AshevilleBlack Mountain, Charlotte, Greensboro, The Triangle Area, and Greenville, SC.

We offer Tele-Health appointments for people across North Carolina.

What is Autism

Conventionally, autism is diagnosed by observing challenges in behaviors of relating, communicating and repeating. Dr Martha Herbert, an autism researcher at Harvard, defines autism as a state of overload.

There are factors inside the body and in the environment, Many biological factors lie behind the behavioral symptoms. We can help you identify those biological factors.

What is Depression

From a psychotherapy point of view, depression is anger turned inward. When you begin to identify what you are angry about and feel your anger, then the depression starts to lift.

There are metabolic factors that are epigenetic that also affect mood. We can help you identify and understand your metabolic patterns and move to bring them into balance working with and without medication.

What is EHS?

Everyone is sensitive to electricity. ElectroHYPERrsensitivity (EHS) is a physical condition some people have reacting to electromagnetic frequencies (EMF).

Wireless (Wifi, Blue Tooth, cell phones, cordless phones, smart electric meters) with symptoms like fatigue, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, depression, poor short term memory, and hyperactivity. Research shows the physical causes relate to the frequency of these devices opening the voltage-gated calcium ion channels and a flooding of the cells with calcium causing oxidative stress .

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