Are Urine Pyrroles Important for People with Mood Swings?

Holistic approach to healing PyrrolesThey may be more formally called Kryptopyrroles. They are a form of hemoglobin that is not entirely broken down and leaves the body in the urine. The Pyrrole takes Vitamin B6 and Zinc with it, causing Vitamin B6 and Zinc levels to drop and Copper to increase. The body uses Zinc and Vitamin B6 in most enzymatic reactions, so this stresses the body. If urine pyrrole levels are high, a person might be depressed, angry (high irritability and temper), have mood swings, fall apart with only a little stress or fearfulness. This can happen in children, teens, and adults. Correcting for high Pyrroles can bring mood swings and anger under better control naturally.


This is a metabolic pattern that some people have epigenetically. It is not cured by the nutrients, but supported and maintained by the nutrients with symptoms usually resolving in 1-3 weeks. We test for urine Pyrroles and can give nutrient recommendations based on the test results, your symptoms, and weight. You can read more in Nutrient Power by William Walsh, Ph.D. Our office is located in Black Mountain NC. Call us @ 828-357-8542 or contact us here