Feel balanced with the Earth in Heart Focused Breathing

Calming Heart Focused BreathingHeart Focused Breathing is one way to relax and relieve stress. The Institute of Hearth Math has developed a Heart Focused Breathing Technique© that can bring you to a state of ease in almost any situation.

Here are two steps to get you started with breathing correctly;

1.Heart Focus: Focus your attention on your heart area. Breathe a little deeper than normal, in 5-6 seconds and out 5-6 seconds. You may find that placing your hand over your heart area will help you maintain your focus.

2.Heart Breathing: Now imagine while breathing that you are doing it through your heart. Picture yourself slowly breathing in and slowly breathing out through your heart area for 3-5 minutes.

Maintaining your focus and breathing through the heart area will lead you to a state of ease. When you are ready to proceed with the rest of your day, you will do so with more energy and resilience for future challenges.

As seen in The Well-Being Journal Jan/Feb 2020 p. 13. For more information go to heartmath.org.